With experience through Charleston Food+Wine Festival, Charleston Fashion Week, Mansion Ball, and GameDay Excursions, DJ B is well versed in curating the perfect playlist for any affair.

DJ B encourages collaboration with her clients! Prior to your event Brandie offers a shared playlist to better understand your expectations and your taste in music for the evening.

Want to take your party to the next level of fun? Let your guest be involved by requesting their favorite song in advance. This keeps everyone happy and grooving on the dance floor all night long!

DJ B enjoys getting to know her couples and understanding their vision of a perfect evening. Through collaboration with a shared playlist, the bride and groom have an opportunity to showcase their taste and be involved with the music selection.

To ensure your wedding night is the nonstop dance party you’ve always dreamed of, DJ B encourages your guest to request their favorite tune in advance. This makes for a seamless evening and keeps everyone happy and grooving!

Scared of crazy Aunt Betty’s song request and would rather stick with the music you love? No problem, we’ll keep the playlist curation between us ;).